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The Corail Noir Hotel is located in the mid-western area of the island of NosyBe (Nosy=Island – Be=Great) popularly known as the Great Island because it is surrounded by several smaller islands, true exquisite examples of natural terrestrial and marine beauty.

Nosy Be is a volcanic island situated on the north-western cape of Madagascar, washed by the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel.
The Corail Noir Hotel is located at about 19 miles from the International Airport of Fasene (NosyBe) and about 12 miles from the main town of Hell Ville.

Two roads lead to the airport : the North road, from which one can enjoy a breathtaking view of the bay of NosyBe and the surrounding islands, and the South road, which crosses villages and cultivated fields along with plantations of cashew nuts and Ylang Ylang; the bird’s-eye view from the small island of NosyTanyKely will be a « postcard » vacation souvenir that you will remember forever.

The Corail Noir hotel was built in full respect of the natural environment. Majestic Mangoes towering over the surroundings ensure natural cooling shade to the bungalows and the paths running all around and an incredible variety of trees such as Ylang Ylang, Hibiscus, Frangipane, Bougainvillea and even a small Baobab offer to the visitor a taste of the tropical vegetation of which NosyBe is very rich.

On arrival at the Coral Noir Hotel you will immediately get a feeling of natural balance between the forest, the sea and the beach, a true sense of tranquillity. The rooms, just like the bungalows, offer the great comfort and discretion that you will appreciate right from the start.

A «Welcome Cocktail» and the traditional Madagascan courtesy will right away make you « feel at home ». The lunch served in the restaurant overlooking the ocean and an astonishing view of the Island of Sakatia will help you understand why you chose the Corail Noir hotel for your vacation.

At the pool, situated on the beach front and within close reach of the bar and restaurant, you will enjoy the cool sea breeze, a pleasant tea brunch and why not, also a nice swim at sundown to finish the day in glory!
All meals are served in the restaurant overlooking the ocean but for a romantic dinner or a friendly get-together, dinner can be served on the pool deck overlooking a sheer drop to the sea.
An « à la carte » snack and bar list for a choice of tropical cocktails or for just a quick meal will be available to our guests up to 11:00 P.M.

For your stay at the Corail Noir you can choose between ethnic bungalows, perfectly blended in with the tropical garden, with a private terrace overlooking the sea, rooms on the first or on the second floor with a magnificent terrace overlooking the ocean, Senior Suites with ground floor and mezzanine, private bathroom with Jacuzzi and a magnificent view over the sea or the sport rooms with view over the garden but equipped with all comforts. Talk about being spoiled for choice!


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