The Restaurant

The restaurant of the Corail Noir Hotel with view over the ocean is the crowning jewel of the structure. Special care is therefore dedicated to the preparation of food, an aspect we consider quite important for our guests.

Fresh food, biological fruits and vegetables directly from our garden, fish often supplied directly by the local fishermen, enable the cooks of the Corail Noir Hotel to guarantee excellent meals for our guests.
Buffet breakfast and a choice between lunch and dinner « à la carte ».
A typical evening with local animation show and Madagascan style buffet.

Our cooks will do their utmost to satisfy the most demanding palates by preparing a variety of simple recepis inspired by the Madagascan love for good cooking.
Rice in all possible varieties, « Carpaccio » raw fish, grilled fish and tropical fruits will always be included in the menu of the Corail Noir Hotel.
Meat lovers will be surprised by the special taste of the zebu meat, but we will also make sure to offer our vegetarian guests an ample choice of tasty dishes.

The dining room staff can speak Italian and French and will therefore be able to assist our guests in their selection of food and drinks.
In the evening the pool deck can be turned into a special « Privé » restaurant, where to enjoy a romantic moment or a special party with friends. A waiter will be at complete service of the guests, who would like to taste special shellfish or have an « encore » of the typical Madagascan cuisine with a Romazava Royale, an exclusive dish preferred by the Sakalava Kings.

The Corail Noir Hotel was awarded the« Tourisme Durable année 2011-2012 » certification (logo). In full respect of the environment the Corail Noir Hotel abides by the ministerial stop declared on fishing and the minimum weight limitation set for the sale of crustaceans species and of fish in general.


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