Thanks to the collaboration with the authorised scuba diving centre, whose office is right inside the hotel, we can organise official basic and advanced PADI and CMAS scuba diving courses. All immersions are accompanied by Italian instructors.

With a maximum number of 8 scuba divers for each instructor you will explore one of the most fascinating and lively tropical world. On the great Reeves coral located right next to the island live numerous marine species. The equipment can be rented.

Each immersion, backed-up by a fully equipped boat and accompanied by Italian instructors speaking French and English, starts from the hotel’s beach.

Departure from the hotel’s beach and in 25 minutes of navigation we reach the island of NosyTaniKely and its marine reserve.
It is a real paradise for snorkelling lovers, who will be able to observe coral fish, turtles and myriads of coloured corals (non-guided snorkelling).
If you want to explore the interior of this “little land” you can take a walk thru the indigenous forest up to the panoramic Lighthouse point, now no longer active, but which offers a breathtaking view over the ocean!

A fabulous swim on this island that appears and disappears following the tidal waves flow. Pay careful attention to the guides’ directions and do not penetrate deep into the sacred area of this small island out of respect for Madagascan traditions.

Following a good meal in a restaurant, where you will savour some specialities of the Madagascan cuisine, a guide will accompany you on the visit to the Park of Nosy Komba, where you’ll be able to observe Lemurs, Chameleons, snakes and even a giant turtle…. An indigenous fauna that will really surprise you on this tiny but rich nature reserve.

Visit Nosy Fanihy, the uninhabited ’Bats’ Island, whose only guests are not the Bats but a couple of Marine Eagles. Located to the North of the Archipelago of Be this island, characterised by white-coral sand on one side and an expanse of shells and corals on the other, will offer you an unforgettable swim out in the ocean.
The crystal clear water and the Reeves coral will be in your memory forever.

At only 15 minutes of navigation from the Corail Noir Hotel this beautiful island offers an extraordinary variety of fabulous orchids, breathtaking sea, white sand, and pineapple plantations.
A truly intense and unforgettable experience.

The pearl of the archipelago of NosyBe !
One and a half hour of navigation from the Corail Noir Hotel to Nosy Iranja is a breathtaking sight! Turquoise sea, white sand and a narrow sandy stretch connecting two islands. Yes, because with the high and ebb tide flows Nosy Iranja turns at first into one and then into two separate islands, Great Iranja and Small Iranja (a private island not open to visitors).

In addition to a crystal clear sea this true paradise on earth will enable you to explore a typical fishermen village, where the sight of a great octopus spread out to dry in the sun will be a picture never to be forgotten.
An excursion in the interior of the island, the view from above of the sand stretch and of Small Iranja, the deserted lighthouse bearing memories of times long past, the school with the children looking curiously at the tourists, who are visiting their school and are marvelling at the good manners and gentleness shown by the children and the teachers, which makes the visitors feel somewhat smaller than them….. All of this will make you think you have landed on the island of Robinson Crusoe… and a lunch in a private cove savouring fresh fish and lobster will end this fantastic day.

Starting from the Reception of the Corail Noir Hotel, with a private bus or a 4x4 car you will be able to explore the most secretive corners of the island, visit the capital of NosyBe, Hell-Ville, visit the rum distillery of Ylang-Ylang, stroll around the market to bargain on the price of some spices ; in short you’ll plunge into the real Madagascan culture.
The visit to a private park with a great variety of indigenous trees as well as lemurs and snakes will end this fabulous day on the discovery of our « Great Island ».

The majestic lakes of Mont Passot and the primeval natural environment inspire and stupefy the senses. Enjoy the excursion tracks and a well deserved breath of fresh air. Of course do not forget your camera at the village! A sunset on the lakes must be immortalised on a memory album, but you might even be lucky enough to catch a crocodile basking in the sun near the sacred lake.

The Hotel, in collaboration with the riding school located at a two-minute walk from the Corail Noir, organises horse-riding excursions for beginners and lovers of this sport in general ; for the more expert riders we will organise galloping excursions along rarely beaten tracks leading to the interior of the island.

The most thrilling time to admire the passage of these majestic marine mammals through the Channel of Mozambique, is from August to October. Always out of respect for these marine giants and for their natural habitat the Corail Noir Hotel in collaboration with the local authorised nautical centre organises boat excursions specific for the sighting and watching of the Humpback Whales
In October and November it is also possible to sight the Whale Shark.

The Corail Noir Hotel is a member of the Cetamada association:
A « Good Conduct Code » certification is available to all our guests from the reception

Our masseuses will welcome you to the small massage centre overlooking the sea. You’ll be able to choose out of a variety of products all from Madagascan trees and plants, that will be best for the massages proposed by them among which : relax massage, drain massage and sport massage.
The sea breeze and the sound of the waves lapping the shore will give you moments of deep pleasure and relaxation following a day of excursions or to start in full shape a new day at the Corail Noir Hotel.

A local band will introduce you to the music of this land with dances alternated with music played with simple handcrafted instruments.

The Corail Noir Boutique is open all day. Thanks to the great variety of items « forgotten » when packing and pretty typical « souvenirs », a stop at the boutique is simply a « must » not only for shopping, but also for a pleasant chat and exchange of local stories and information on NosyBe.

For a more dynamic leisure time the quads are ideal to go on the discovery of the surroundings of the Corail Noir Hotel.
Exploring Mont Passot, the surrounding volcanic lakes and the rum distillery while passing by small villages, you will really experience moments of true Madagascan life enjoying pleasant and unforgettable chats with the villagers.

For fishing lovers we can organise half-day or full day boat outings at sea for troll, « bolentino » or « popper » fishing. The use of private fishing equipment is advised but it can be rented from the nautical centre.

Boats with crew can be rented for half-day or a full day. Information available from the nautical centre.

Single-seat Kajaks are available to our guests. Information from the reception. Do not forget sun cream, hat, sunglasses and water. The excursion is not guided.

The Corail Noir Hotel in collaboration with the authorised nautical centre can organise a scuba diving initiation for people who have never practiced this sport but are attracted by this marvellous marine world.
An instructor will accompany you in this exciting underwater exploration experience after which you will take wonderful memories back home with you.

The snorkelling equipment is included with all marine excursions. Lovers of « solitary » snorkelling can rent the equipment and the boat with guide for half a day.


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