The Beach

The western coast of Madagascar and of the island of NosyBe are influenced by the tidal waves, rising and ebbing every six hours, with a high/ebb variation of about 50 minutes a day.
The beach fronting the Corail Noir Hotel is therefore « present » or « absent » depending on the time of the day but the beach on the South of the Corail Noir Hotel, equipped with beach umbrellas and beach sunbeds, is available to sun lovers and for simple leisure from sunrise to sunset. At night the beach is not lit.

The tidal wave movement, far from being a nuisance, gives our guests the opportunity to admire a change of landscape twice a day. At ebb tide you will be able to stroll along the water’s edge releasing the starfish blocked in the sand by the low tide, or watch the women fishing while launching their fishing nets into the water far from the shore.
Don’t forget to wear rubber shoes for protection.

Forecasts of sea conditions are quite accurate and can be found in various specialist sites, whereas it is not as easy to make a forecast of winds and their strength.

The Corail Noir Hotel reminds you that shells, corals and objects made of tortoise shell are protected by international law and cannot therefore be taken back home as souvenirs.
You can enjoy great swimming and snorkelling in the water within a short distance from the Corail Noir Hotel. Ask the Nautical Centre for the equipment.


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