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Hell-Ville, at 30 minutes from the Corail Noir Hotel offers a variety of restaurants, discotheques and night clubs. We suggest you reserve a taxi to come back to the hotel.

Directly on arrival at the airport you can obtain a FREE 30-day tourist visa. For a longer (i.e. over-30-day) stay the cost is $60.—, to be paid at the airport.
In order to request a visa you must already have a return flight ticket. All Italian citizens must contact their country’s local authorities on information regarding tourist entry visa to Madagascar as they might be different from the ones given above.

No mandatory vaccinations are required even though malaria and typhus prophylaxes are suggested especially if planning to travel to the interior of the island. If you have recently been travelling through areas affected by yellow fever you might be requested on arrival at the airport to show a vaccination certificate. Avoid raw food and non-drinking water. Use of mosquito repellent sprays is advisable.
Medical assistance is supplied directly at the hotel by local private doctors.

In winter two hours must be added to Italy’s time zone, reducing it to one hour during our summer season (CET).

The size and environmental wealth of the Great Island, as Madagascar is generally named, justify its definition as « A Continent Island »
Fifth greater island in the world after Australia, Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo, Madagascar is three times as large as Italy.
Madagascar is located at 400 km. from the eastern coasts of Africa across from the Channel of Mozambique, at 800 km from the Reunion, crossed thru at Tuléar by the Tropic of Capricorn.
Its extension and the limited internal transportation system make it a destination to be visited in several trips.
The various regions extend along what can be defined as a backbone, the central mountain chain, 1200 to 1500 meters high, breaks the country in two zones :East and West. The highest mountain the « Maromokotro » is the highest in Madagascar.

The « Hauts Plateaux », the Uplands, are characterised by a variety of hills, mountains, plains, granite massifs. Rice is the staple food for the inhabitants of these regions whose main activities are cattle raising and agriculture. There are several natural springs with plenty of water that generally ends up in bottles on our table. Madagascar is also known as the Red Island because of the alternation of vegetation, cultivation and red hearth which gives to Madagascar the alternative well-known name the Red Island ».

The East Coast from North to South presents all over the same characteristics.
Rain forests, luxuriant vegetation, an oceanic basin with lagoons and coves where the crystal clear water in all shades of blue invites dreamlike swimming. Endemic flora and fauna together with cultivation of vanilla, tea and spices complete the picture of this landscape of long ago.

The West Coast and the Great South along the channel of Mozambique are the most arid deserted wasteland areas. Forests of thorny trees. The « Famathy », « The Squid Trees »; the typical fishermen villages along the coast, and in the interior the Zebu cattle raisers, with mile-long beaches where women carrying giant tuna fish on their head will make you wonder whether you are just daydreaming.
The volcanic North is naturally isolated by the great massif of Tsaratanana; in the West you’ll see the coast of Ambanja, by all means one of the most fertile areas of Madagascar.

And last but not least there’s the archipelago of NosyBe, the breathtaking beauty of which you will discover yourself day by day during your fabulous vacation, the memory of which will stay with you forever leaving you with one yearning : to come back again soon!

Madagascar is known for its tropical climate characterised by two main seasons: hot and humid from November to April and cool and dry from May to October. Obviously the climate tends to be more or less intense depending on the geographical area and altitude.

The climate of the Western Coast of the island, where NosyBe is located, is dryer than on the East Coast but always with a rainless season from April to November and a more humid season with rain during the day and at time at night from December to March.

The tropical climate of NosyBe will allow you to pack few clothes. Cool and practical clothes for comfort during the excursions, a pair of trekking shoes and a pair of comfortable sandals will be just right for outings on land but a pair of simple « flip-flop » will be the favourite companion of your sea outings. During the winter months, from May to September don’t forget a slightly heavier sweater to wear at dinner, when the sea breeze will make a light cotton cardigan more comfortable.
Dressing up for dinner is not required, even though out of respect for the other guests, wearing a bathing suit or sitting bare-breasted at dinner is not allowed.
If you have a sarong from a previous vacation or one you just bought locally our hostesses will be very glad to decorate your face with a typical Madagascan Maquillage. Sun cream, hat, sunglasses must not be forgotten to protect you from burns as well as mosquito repellent oil to use in the evening.
To stroll along the water’s edge you will need rubber shoes to avoid small but quite painful cuts to your feet by stepping on shells or corals.
You can rent the snorkelling equipment and the complete scuba diving outfit from our nautical centre.

All VISA credit cards are accepted at the Corail Noir Hotel but, since internet connection for this service is very slow and unreliable, we suggest you take some ready money with you. Excursions can only be paid cash.
The Bancomat Card is not accepted, while the ATM service is available for all credit card circuits in Hell-Ville, at about 30 minutes from the hotel.
The local currency is the Madagascan Ariary (MGA), 1 Euro is usually worth 2500 Ariarys, but the rate is subject to fluctuation.
Principal languages are French and Madagascan with English used slightly less.

The international telephone code for Madagascar is 00.261 20.
Charged Wi-fi connections and telephone service supplied to our guests on request.


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